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Gluing instructions for car foils

To apply a vehicle lettering is easier, as some thinks.
One should only consider a few small tricks.
Here is a little guide on how to get our slides on the car:
- If possible, stick on the foil at a processing temperature of approx. 15-20 ° C
- After delivery, leave the sticker rolled out for 1-2 days.
- Please note that the films are not exposed to high or low temperatures.

Image 1:
The slide motif is on a white bottom foil. It is additionally provided from above with a transparent transfer film.
You can mirror the motif (for example, for the inner trim on a rear window) or unsealed mirrored for direct attachment from the outside.
Picture 2:
Separate both foils so that the motif sticks to the transparent transfer foil. and the white foil is completely empty.
Please note: The peeled-off side of the transfer film is now strongly adhesive and should only be glued to the actual desired substrate.
Picture 3:
We recommend to wet the adhesive side with a spray bottle. then the motif can be corrected again in an emergency.
Please paint the attached motif with a flat object (rubber squeegee, for example). The transparent transfer film is still above the motif.
Picture 4:
If you have firmly fixed the motif, pressed out any bubbles and the sprayed-on water, you can gently peel off the transfer film piece by piece, but only if the motif itself sticks to the surface. Now you should wipe the finished glued on motif with a lint-free dry cloth - done.
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